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TOD- Tutors Can Help Take The Stress Off of Parents & Students

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. The way students learn and will learn will never be the same. For students that were not online learners prior, the transition to online learning has been a challenge for them and their parents. The challenge has also manifested into stress for children and parents throughout this pandemic. Having the support of a Tutor can help take the stress off of parents and students.

The following are seven ways to help your young scholar have balance while learning online:

  1. Create a space in your home for learning. Have fun with this by allowing your child to select furniture pieces and decorations from throughout the house to decorate their space.

  2. Design an inspiration board. If you do not have magazine subscriptions, ask a neighbor or friend for a few magazines. Take a paper grocery bag and cut out the bottom of it. Encourage your child to tape or glue the images they like on to the flat paper bag. This will allow your child to stay focused on what inspires them while sitting in the learning space.

  3. Use Sundays for meal prep with the help of your child. Have your child evaluate the groceries that you allocate to them for their meal prep and snacks. Work together to make meals for the week that are easy and fun. Keeping their brain fueled will help keep them focused.

  4. Set-up online playdates with friends via Zoom. Create themes for the events with set days and times so that the children have something to look forward to. Students can share updates from their week or maybe an item that is important to them.

  5. Work with your insurance provider to access online sessions with a child psychologist. Many insurance providers offer 5 EAP sessions. These could be used to allow your student to have a safe space to talk about their feelings and how they feel about their existing home conditions. Having a place to unlock their feelings can help them release pinned up aggression and anxiety around recent changes.

  6. Reward with fun school supplies. Design a reward system that aligns with your goals and expectations around their school work and offer a small weekly experience or gift for them to look forward to when completing their assignments. Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Dollar General, and Office Depot have great supplies at a variety of price points.

  7. Design a schedule for your family and remember to include breaks. Online learning can be draining. Allowing for breaks that allow children to go outdoors can provide an outlet for them to decompress. If possible, taking a daily walk together can also encourage communication and exercise.

In conclusion, Having the support of a Tutor can help take the stress off of parents and students. Communication and expression are key. Providing creative outlets for your children to explore their talents and providing resources for them to communicate can support the healthy development for your child. Having something to look forward to can help motivate a child when they feel uncertain.

If you are in need of additional support for your child, visit

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